Terms and Conditions

While attending the THE GREAT INDIAN YOUTH FESTIVAL 2023, participants, parents, visitors and exhibitors are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Entry to the event is guaranteed only with passes from authorised source and all other
  2. passes are invalid.
  3. One entry ticket is valid for one day only. Accompanying parents’ entry is free with kid’s pass.
  4. No refunds will be provided in case of cancellations or ‘no-shows’.
  5. Once you’ve used your pass to enter the venue, no re-entry is allowed.
  6. Entry to sessions with limited seats is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  7. All sessions across all stages are time-bound. Late entry will not be permitted beyond 10
  8. minutes of the scheduled time.
  9. Visitors and participants agree to be patient and cooperative at the registration and ticketing
  11. Children should be accompanied by adults, and the parent/guardian shall be responsible for
  12. their ward.
  13. An adult shall be allowed access to the festival/sessions only if accompanied by a child.
  14. As a visitor or participant, you consent to allow official photographers and videographers to
  15. capture your images and record videos to be subsequently used for legitimate purposes by the
  16. organizer and event hosts.
  17. You agree to abide by organizers and event hosts’ decisions regarding any aspect of your
  18. participation, including the authority to suspend your involvement for any reason.
  19. You shall be liable to face legal consequences for uncivilized and unethical behavior at the
  21. The organizer and event host will not be liable for unforeseen circumstances, including
  22. weather conditions, artist no-shows, performance issues, or power interruptions.
  23. Harmful or destructive items such as firearms, explosives, alcohol, smoking, illegal
  24. substances, fireworks, and weapons are strictly prohibited on the festival premises.
  25. You agree to dress appropriately, considering the weather and the nature of the event.
  26. Pets are not allowed at the event.
  27. The organizers and event host are not liable for any adverse food or drink reactions.
  28. Exhibitors are solely responsible for products sold at their stalls in the festival.
  29. The organisers and event hosts are not liable for any loss or damage to unattended personal
  31. The organizers and event hosts are not responsible for any personal injuries or medical
  32. emergencies that occur during the festival on the festival premises.
  33. The schedule provided is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  34. For inquiries, you can contact us at info@thegreatindianyouthfestival.com